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Proper preparation of complaints

What to do if your goods are damaged or lost during transportation and you need to submit a complaint to the carrier?

1)You need to immediately write it down on the delivery note (CMR) legibly and prominently that the goods are damaged. The quantity of damaged goods should also be indicated, if this is possible and visible.

2)You need to immediately take photos of the damaged goods before unloading. The photos should be taken so that the damaged goods and the number of the trailer are visible. These photos prove that the goods were already damaged upon arrival and this did not happen during unloading.

There is no official form for the damages claim, but it should include the following:
1) Material or financial claim to the carrier with a justification for the extent of damage;
2) As an annex, there should be a document that certifies the value of goods by articles;
3) It would be good, if you could identify the reasons why the goods were damaged due to the fault of the carrier;
4) CMR (delivery note) of the shipment that includes the note about goods being damaged;
5) Photos of the damaged goods.